Irene & Jorge Garcia Chicana-o Studies Collection


Recent Submissions

  • Sweezy, Paul (New England Free Press, 1969-03-10)
    Originally entitled "Vietnam: Endless War", this article was the Review of the Month in the April 1969 issue of Monthly Review..
  • Taylor, Evelyn (2014-02-06)
    The Jorge Garcia Collection Box Listing acts as a finding guide to the content of the collection. It provides detailed information of the content, such as titles to publications, authors, dates of publications, and helpful ...
  • Unknown author (Instituto Mexicano para el Desarrollo Comunitario, 9999)
    "Todas estas cosas las podemos hacer mientras los del pueblo organizamos y formamos nuestro propio y autentico partido."
  • Unknown author (La Voz del Pueblo, 9999)
    This first issue of La Voz does not bring you a periodical new in concept, ideology or content, but rather the regeneration of a Spanish-language newspaper which bore the same name and was printed in New Mexico from 1889-1925.
  • Unknown author (Partido La Raza Unida, 9999)
    Based on the history books written by the accepted historians, the Mexico Chicano has had no part in the development of the Southwest area, which was once a part of Mexico, but this erroneous assumption has no valid reason ...