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  • Goias, Madison (2019)
  • Vogl, Shelby (2014-04-08)
    Marriage is a central theme in all of Jane Austen's novels. In her novels, it is presumed that her heroine will live happily ever after with the right man. However, her work is much more than a stereotypical love story. ...
  • Robles, Katherine (2014-04-08)
  • White, Kamryn (2014-04-08)
    Writing about romantic female relationships can be traced back over 2500 years. But until recently, they have tended to perpetuate the narrow stereotypes of lesbianism. These recent narratives create new depictions of ...
  • Riccomini, Anna (2014-04-08)
    On a cold starry night in 1816, young Mary Shelley started a story that would change the world. In Frankenstein, Shelley told a tale that went beyond the modest task of a ghost story. In it, her hero Doctor Frankenstein ...