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This community of collections is an on-going project tracing the historical, cultural, social, and political experiences of Chicanos; a large portion of the material focuses on Chicano and Latino art in various forms and formats. The collections also refer to major social, economic, and political changes and issues occurring in Central and South America, Mexico, the U.S. and Africa. Topics include unemployment, migrant farm workers, labor movements, communism, and socialism. The digital contents of these collections include articles, correspondence, documents, Chicano magazines, pamphlets, exhibition catalogs, art murals and photographs. Additional materials are located in the University Archives.

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Recent Submissions

  • Taylor, Evelyn (2014-04-10)
    The Latino Museum Collection Box Listing acts as a finding guide to the majority of contents of the collection; it does not list all contents, as not all items have been processed or are confidential. It provides detailed ...
  • Sweezy, Paul (New England Free Press, 1969-03-10)
    Originally entitled "Vietnam: Endless War", this article was the Review of the Month in the April 1969 issue of Monthly Review..
  • Unknown author (Jesus N. Jimenez (ed.), 1927-01-06)
    "An independent Spanish publication serving the interests of the Mexican people, and merchants in general," Dec. 1, 1927-Oct. 30, 1931. Additional newsletters forthcoming.
  • Taylor, Evelyn (2014-02-06)
    The Jorge Garcia Collection Box Listing acts as a finding guide to the content of the collection. It provides detailed information of the content, such as titles to publications, authors, dates of publications, and helpful ...
  • Unknown author (Instituto Mexicano para el Desarrollo Comunitario, 9999)
    "Todas estas cosas las podemos hacer mientras los del pueblo organizamos y formamos nuestro propio y autentico partido."